City Views Bonn/Germany – BonnVisio on Rhine – A new building project with apartments, offices and deluxe hotel at Bonn-Oberkassel


On the site of the Bonner Portland Zementwerk build by Dr.Hermann Bleibtreu in 1856 on the banks of the Rhine at Bonn-Oberkassel, the investment company BonnVisio will realize a new building complex. According to the plans of architect Karl-Heinz-Schommer, in all 8 building complexes are to be constructed on the estate of the old cement factory that ceased production in 1987.

The first construction phase – Rheinwerk I / Rohmühle and the former villa of the factory owner – started in February 2003 and was completed two years later. The second phase will probably begin within a few months.

By 2009, 6 additional multi-storeyed buildings with apartments, garage building, deluxe hotel, kindergarten, offices, restaurants, shops, fitness- center, etc. will be erected on the site near Südbrücke. 60% of the offices, which will be able to host 5000 employees, are to be ready in 2007.

Below the BonnVisio site, at the banks of the Rhine, a shipping pier is planned for shuttle transfers to the UN-Congress Center at the opposite side of the river and for excursions to the center of the city.
The total costs of the project will amount to 250 million Euro


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