City Views Bonn – On the road just becoming another „clone town“

Bonn - Villa Dahm

Actually Bonn is an attractive destination for investors and tourists because they like the provincial charm of the city and its beautiful scenery. But the city is developing rapidly and, unfortunately,  very few care is being taken to protect or conserve those characteristics. Bonn is – as many other cities – on the road becoming just another „clone town“. Everywhere you go historical buildings and relicts are destroyed and replaced by standardized, often megalomanic architecture. If this development can not be stopped, soon Bonn will only have blocks, nothing but blocks and will be boring and monotone. It will be a large face- and soulless trading and business desert which people will leave as fast as they can after they have done their job or shopping. Tourists and investors will stay away – why visit a city or invest there, when everything worth-seeing and livable has been destroyed and there is nothing special to experience? It’s really high time for Bonn to have some more respect for its history, to realize that its historical relicts are the guaranty for future prosperity, and to save all that can be saved before it’s too late. For sure not every historical building/momument is worthy of preservation but those who are, should survive to remain as living witnesses of the old traditions. Even so, there will still be enough place for high-quality modern architecture.


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