City Views Bonn/Bonner Sommer – 12th Beer Festival (Bierbörse) at Rheinaue

Bonn - Bierbörse  - Beer from all parts of the World

Bonn - Bierbörse 2007 - Mongo Raxx

Bonn - Bierbörse 2007/Mongo Raxx


During summer Rheinaue is a popular location for leisure activities and events. Three weeks after Rheinkultur 2007, a big rock festival, which attracted more than 100 000 mostly adolescent and young adult visitors, and only a week after the large flea market, which takes place on every 3rd Saturday of the month from April to October, this weekend the annual Bierbörse is scheduled at the large park alongside the river Rhine. The Bonn Beer Festival – one of the most attractive in Germany – was opened on Friday, July 27.  Approx. 90 stands present more than 600 kinds of beer samples, as the popular Belgian abbey beers Corsendonk, Grimbergen, Leffe and Westmalle. Traditionally the first day ended with a grand musical fireworks display, arranged by the World Pyrotechnic Champions of the WECO-company from Eitorf/Sieg. On each festival day several bands, e.g. The Black Shadows, The Queen Kings, Mongo Raxx, Breakfast in L.E. and Wall Street, will entertain the participants. The Bonner Bierbörse 2007 will end on Sunday, July 29, with a concert (18h) of the famous Guildo Horn & die Orthopädischen Strümpfe.


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