City Views Bonn/Region – The Closure of Domenikanerkloster St. Albert at Walberberg

Domenikanerkloster Walberberg

Domenikanerkloster Walberberg

Domenikanerkloster Walberberg

After 83 years,  the well-known Domenican Monastery & Seminary St. Albert at Walberberg/Bornheim (near Brühl) will close its doors at the end of this year for financial as well as personal reasons. Due to the high exploitation costs, the annual loss amounts to more than 120 000 Euro: much too much for a meanwhile very small monastic community. Moreover, there is a shortage of candidates willing to spend a large part of their days within the confines of a cloister. At one time, up to 50 padres and 15 employees populated the monastery. Today, only 10 padres are still living in the largest one of  12  subsidiaries of the Domenicans (Domenikanerprovinz Teutonia) in Germany and Bolivia. After the closure of St. Albert, they will be accommodated elsewhere. The seminary buildings as well as the ancient mediaeval Rheindorfer Burg (castle), which is in possession of the Domenicans since 1924, are for sale. Managing padre Rufus Keller is looking for potential and solvent buyers for the property. On Sunday, October 28, 2007 when the last worship will be celebrated in the church, it’s definitively time to say farewell to Domenikanerkloster St. Albert at Walberberg.


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