Delil Dilanar & Ensemble in Concert

After successful concerts in Cologne, Frankfurt and Berlin, Delil Dilaner & Band performed – also very successfully – for the first time in Bonn, on the occasion of the Biennale Bonn (June 14 -22). Delil Dilanar, born in 1973 in Muş (East Anatolia), choosed for Dengbej, the music of the Kurdish bards. The name is a synthesis of the Kurdish words deng (= voice), and gotin (= to tell). It describes a special style in traditional Kurdish music where the artist is not only a musician but a storyteller as well. A Dengbej song often tells a true story about love, life and death, and thus helps to keep Kurdish culture alive. The Dengbeji music style with its traditional instruments as davul, kaval and tembur, was not very popular among Kurdish youth, However, the young generation is beginning to like this music. They recognize íncreasingly that Dengbej consists not only of  long heroic (Lawiks), very melancholic (Heyrans) and religious (Lawje) ballads, but that it also includes joyful and danceable songs (dîlok/narînk) . With numerous concerts and CD-albums Delil Dilanar has helped to popularize this kind of classical Kurdish music. The musician who plays e.g. the tambour (saz), balaban, kaval and erbane was inspired by his father as well as his uncle, Dengbej Huseyno – a popular Kurdish singer – and the likewise Kurdish master Egidê Cimo. They taught him Sprechgesang and helped him to develop his knowledge on the history of Dengbej. In order to extend his repertoire, Delil Dilanar who lives in Germany since 1999, however, constantly pursues his investigations about this special music, its culture and history. The ensemble/sixtet which accompanied Delil Dilanar in Bonn on Saturday, June 21, was founded in cooperation with musician and composer Hakan Akay.


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