City Views Bonn/Bonner Sommer – Twin Cities International Music Project

On Saturday July 11, three bands with musicians from Bonn’s  twin cities (La Paz, Minsk and Yerevan ) performed at Marktplatz. The evening was opened at 7 pm with a concert by Yayo Morales, an excellent drummer from La Paz (Bolivia), supported by saxophone player Peter Materna (Bonn) and contrabassist Henning Sieverts (Munich). The band played modern trio jazz with music composed by bandleader Peter Materna. Various solo pieces allowed the musicians to demonstrate  their high technical ability on their instrument.



Next came Time Report Band from Armenia. The  group with Vardan Arakelyan (bass), Vardan Grigoryan (Duduk, Zurna), Edo Harutyunyan (percussions), Armen Hyusnunts (saxophone ), Arman Jalalyan (drums) and Khachik Sahakyan (keyboards) played wonderful, very enjoyable ethnic jazz. Time Report Band – founded in 1996 by Armen Hyusnunts and Khachik Sahakyan  – succesfully performed on several international jazz festivals and concerts e.g. in Armenia (Yerevan-1998 and 2000), Germany (Expo 2000 in Hannover), France and Georgia (GeoCell Jazz Festival-2000).

TimeReportBandArmen Hyusnunts 11072009-03

TimeReportBandArman Jalalyan11072009-03

 The free open-air concert evening finally was closed with fascinating ethnographic sounds from Belarus, performed on modern and traditional instruments by Troitsa. The musicians of Troitsa are: Ivan Kirchuk (bandleader, lead vocal, guitar, domras, smyk, gusli, pipes, whistles, harmonica, reed stick, zhaleykas, lyre, ocarinas, wargan, pipe, rainmaker, duda, kalimba),  Yury Dzmitrieu (guitars, domra, smyk, zither, vocal) and Yury Paulouski (drums, gong, darabuka, gundang, anklung, bells, wood stick, kalimba, djembe, bamboofon).

TroitsaYury Dzmitrieu11072009-01


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