City Views Bonn – EURO Jazz 21 – Jazz from Copenhagen at the Rhine

The club Jazz am Rhein e.V., directed by Hans Jürgen von Osterhausen started its 2nd edition „EURO Jazz 21“  this last Saturday with two concerts. The concert evening was also the opening event of  the festival „Jazz from Copenhagen on the Rhine“  that presents a series of concerts at various locations in Bonn, Cologne and Düsseldorf. First Hasse Poulsen (guitar, electronics) alongside with Frederik Lund  (sax, flute, electronics) fascinated the numerous listeners at Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn with stuning experimental and improvisational jazz with guitar, flutes, saxophone and electronics.

The second concert of the evening was played by Lars Moller Quartet. The Danish/German band with Lars Moller (sax), Thor Madsen (guitar), Robert Landfermann (bass) and Jonas Burgwinkel (drums) presented impressive contemporary melodic world jazz including nice solos and frequent tempo changes. Jazz at its best on the stage of Rheinisches Landesmuseum.

Hasse Poulsen & Frederik Lundin

Hasse PoulsenTrio-Frederik Lundin12092009-01

Hasse PoulsenTrio-HassePoulsen-Frederik Lundin12092009-01

Hasse PoulsenTrio-HassePoulsen12092009-02

Hasse PoulsenTrio-HassePoulsen12092009-01

Drummer Jonas Burgwinkel, winner of the 2009 „Best Soloist Award“ on the „European Jazz Competition“ at the „North Sea Jazzfestival“ in Rotterdam and the „WDR Jazzpreis“.





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