City Views Bonn/Region – Railway Stations between Bonn-Beuel and Neuwied


There are 14 stations between Bonn-Beuel and Neuwied (distance approx. 40 km) along the railway line Mönchengladbach/Koblenz  at the right side of the Rhine. Six of them are located in North Rhine-Westphalia namely Beuel, Oberkassel, Niederdollendorf, Königswinter, Rhöndorf and Bad Honnef. The others – Unkel, Erpel, Linz, Leubsdorf, Bad Hönningen, Rheinbrohl, Leutesdorf and Neuwied Hbf – belong to Rhineland-Palatinate. All stops alongs this double-tracked route which is mainly used for the transport of goods and the conveyance of commuters by Rhein-Erft-Express/Bahn have still a station building, except the small wine village Leubsdorf. All but two (1) were built in the second half of the 19th century (2) and designed in typical neo- or late-classical style. The railway buildings are, however, no longer used for operational tasks by the railway company; ticket offices, travel desks, bagage counters, lounges, public conveniences, etc. have been closed and only the platforms are still in use. Tickets must be bought at automatic vending machines. Only in Beuel and Neuwied travellers can – at daytime – still buy tickets at a ticket office. After many years neglect most buildings are in desolate state and are crying for restoration. Meanwhile, some have been sold to private individuals or companies and are slowly refurbished and converted  for example to flats, offices and restaurants, others are still for sale and hoping for better times…

(1)  The old Rhöndorf railway building which dated from the 19th century was pulled down for the expansion of Federal Highway 42 between Königswinter and Bad Honnef (1906-62) and replaced by a  small, flat-roofed building in new plain-style. In Bad Honnef the original station was also replaced by a faceless new  one.

(2) Beuel (1874), Oberkassel (1869), Niederdollendorf (1885, annex 1905), Königswinter (1870), Rhöndorf (18??), Unkel (1870), Erpel (1873), Linz (1870), Bad Hönningen (18??), Rheinbrohl (18??), Leutesdorf (1870) and Neuwied Hbf (18??).


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