City Views Bonn – Kattorna Quintet (Danmark/Poland)

Saturday evening, November 14, after a documentary film about the polish jazz musician Komeda  (Czas Komedy – Time of Komeda, 1994)  by Robert Kaczmarek and Mariusz Kallinowski, followed by an open forum about German-Polish jazz meetings of the last decade, Kattorna was invited to play a concert at Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn

Kattorna is a Polish-Danish contemporary jazz quintet formed in 2005 by Gregorz Rogala and Lukasz Pawlik. Since then the band gave numerous concerts, especially in Germany and Poland. The musicians were also invited to several festivals  e.g. „Hopes of Warsaw”Jazz Competition (2006), 6. Jazz & Blues Awards ( Berlin 2008) and Jazz nad Odrą Festival (Wroclaw 2008).

In their music – sparkling  instrumental poetic jazz  by and in the style of Krzysztof Komeda –  the five musicians integrate groove and American swing as well as European classical music elements. The band’s repertoire includes many own pieces by Lukasz Pawlik and Max Nauta-Simonsens, as well as popular compositions by Krzysztof Komeda, Poland’s most important jazz musician.  

Kattorna is composed of Gregorz Rogala (trombone), Lukasz Pawlik (piano), Max Nauta-Simonsen (bass), Krzysztof Szmanda (drums) and Dawid Glowczewski (alt saxophone).


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