City Views Bonn – „Jazz up Close“ with Semmel’s Hot Shots

„Jazz up Close“ (Jazz zum Anfassen) was the title of a swinging concert by Semmel’s Hot Shots on the Christmas Market stage at Sterntor on Sunday, November 29.

Semmel’s Hot Shots was formed in 1975 by Reiner Brothuhn, alias „Semmel„, trumpet player, singer and ex-member of the Chicago Footwarmers.  The band is not only Bonn’s oldest existing traditional jazz band but probably also one of the most popular formations in the Rhineland producing hot jazz sounds. During the 1980s  the band performed for five years every Friday evening on Geert Müller-Gerbes’s RTL-talkshow „Bonnfetti“ at Contra-Kreis-Theater. Meanwhile, the original lineup has almost completely changed. The only original Hot Shots left are Reiner Brothuhn (tr), Elmar Schaffmeister (ts) and Eberhard Hertin (p).

On occasion of this year’s Christmas Market concert Semmel’s Hot Shots was composed of: Reiner Brothuhn (tr, vocals), Thomas Heck (ts),  Achim Hamacher (bs), Jörg Möller (drums) and Johannes Zink (banjo).


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