City Views Bonn/Region – Bad Honnef – Walk of Fame

On the pillars of the covered gangway between the Avendi-Hotel and the Bad Honnef Kurhaus – called „Walk of Fame“ – attentive visitors can see labels that  inform on celebrities who visited this location, among them Michael Stich (successful German tennis player of the 1990’s), Sven Ottke (world boxing champion) and Ernst-Günther Hansing (prominent local painter and sculptor), as well as the to this day 6 Bad Honnef Eel Kings* (Aalkönige), namely: Wolfgang Clement (2003), Lothar Späth (2004), Konrad Beikircher (2005), Friedrich Merz (2006), Peer Steinbrück (2007) and Hans-Dieter Genscher (2008), and the first Eel Queen, Rosi Mittermaier (2009).

* The Bad Honnef Eel King corronation ceremony was originated in 2003 by the former state secretary Friedhelm Ost and Helmut Klos, co-founder of the local Hit Markt.

The proceeds of the annual ceremonies at the Kurhaus are used to support local youth associations and to maintain Aranka, the last existing eel fishing trawler of the Middle Rhine which is anchored in a dead arm of the Rhine River between Bad Honnef and Island Grafenwerth.

At the 2010 coronation ceremony, on October 22, Rudolf Seiters, Red Cross president and former federal minister, will be crowned as the 8th Bad Honnef Eel King.


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