City Views Bonn/Region – Kwartier Major Legrand in Troisdorf-Altenrath

Kwartier Major Legrand in Troisdorf-Altenrath was established in 1951. Once, the large camp grounds at Wahner Heide accomodated more than 100 buildings, including a church, cinema/theatre, sports hall, as well as several clubs and mess halls, also known as BACL or Belgian Army Club. In 2003/2004 the Belgian armed forces in Altenrath were withdrawn from Germany and returned to Belgium. Today the abandoned military barracks are in a state of increasingly decay and, despite the fact the area is completely sealed-off, the buildings are continuously being more and more destroyed by intruders. The process of decay is also accelerated by fire brigades and police units who use the barracks as a trainings area. In consequence, many windows were broken and doors kicked in. It’s  really a sad sight.

The Belgian military companies that were stationed in Troisdorf-Altenrath are: 18 Rijdende Artillerie/ACh (1951-1952), 1 Linie (1952-1955), 3 Lanciers (1951-1969), 10 Cie Tanks (1953-1955), 7 Cie Tanks (1955-?),  17 Rijdende Artillerie/ACh (1956-94), Regt. ACh Rijdende Artillerie/RACH (1994-2002), 4 Eskadron Jagers te Paard/4JP-4 Régiment de Chasseurs à Cheval/4ChCh (1994-2003), 2 Gidsen/Guides/2G (1968-1990) and 119 Cie Citerne Hy/Zware Ketelwagens (1966-1991?).

There was no military police in Camp Altenrath. The MP station (6, 7 and 16 Cie MP) was first in Siegburg at Barbarossaplatz and Feldmeisterweg near Camp Vinckt (base of the 10e Infanterie Brigade (1 Li, 7 Li, 8 Li, 10 Tks, HK, Bd) and later in Troisdorf-Spich (Camp Knesselaere)


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