City Views Bonn – Talking Cows – Modern Swing Jazz from Holland

Talking Cows  ( opened the 3rd season of the concert series EURO Jazz 21′ organized by the society Jazz am Rhein e.V. at Rheinisches Landesmuseum on Thursday, September 23 with a very enjoyable and exciting concert. Talking Cows is a Dutch jazz band with a strong lineup who plays great own New Dutch Swing compositions in the style of Thelonious Monk and Misha Mengelberg. The band’s wide repertoire includes many pieces where the musicians can prove they are not only good team players but also excellent soloists. 

Talking Cows is composed of four members, namely Frans Vermeerssen (saxophone), Robert Jan Vermeulen (piano) – founders of the band – and Dion Nijland (bass), three experienced jazz musicians, as well as Yonga Sun (drums), a relatively new, but already very successful face. With his own band (Robinson, Freitag & Caruso) Yonga Sun, born in Trier in 1977 and Leverkusen-bred, won the „Dutch Jazz Competition 2005“. At the same time he was honoured as the „Best Soloist 2005“  for his razor-sharp, effective and highly sensitive drum play.

Talking Cows was invited to participate in several popular jazz festivals, e.g. North Sea Jazz Festival (2006), Jazz Middelheim (2007) and Jazzahead Bremen (2008). To date the band has released 2 albums, Bovinity/2004 and Dairy Tales/2008.

Upcoming jazz concerts at Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn:

– Sunday, October 03, 6 pm: Hans Lüdemann Trio (Ger/F) and Laia Genc‘ Liaison Tonique (Ger/F);

– Sunday, November 07, 6 pm: Pascal Schumacher Quartet (Lux/B/NL/Ger)


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