Musiker/Musicians – Bonn – Laia Genc Liaison Tonique 5 and Trio Rooms – Two colourful sonic and visual Jazz Concerts for the Eyes and Ears

Musiker-Bonn Sebastien Boisseau Trio Rooms _MUS7102(1000x665)03102010Text

The 2nd evening of the 2010/2011 jazz season at Rheinisches Landesmuseum, organized by the society Jazz am Rhein, was divided in 2 parts. During the  first half of the concert event, on Sunday, October 03, –  the German Unification Day- Laia Genc Liaison Tonique 5 entertained their audience with an ambitious, melodic mix of traditional and free contemporary jazz music. Very fascinating was the dynamic interaction between the musicians, especially between pianist Laia Genc and the excentric drummer Nils Tegen.

Liaison Tonique was formed in 2004 by Laia Genc, award winning and meanwhile very popular piano player/singer from Berlin (today living in Cologne). On occasion of their performance in Bonn – the release concert for their brand new album – the French-German band was composed of Laia Genc (p), Sebastien Boisseau (b), Daniel Casimir (tb), Mathieu Donarier (sax) and Nils Tegen (dr).

The real highlight of the evening was the  free jazz concert by Trio Rooms, a first rate performance with amazing experimental instrumental arrangements that offered much space for thrilling and  brilliant bass, percussion and piano solos.

Trio Rooms is an international jazz band established in Cologne in 2007 by the renowned German jazz musician/piano virtuoso Hans Lüdemann on occasion of his trio series „Die Kunst des Trios“.  He is joined by two excellent musicians, namely the popular French bass player Sebastien Boisseau – he also played in the Laia Genc band this evening  and the talented drummer Dejan Terzic, winner of the 2004 Munich Cultural Prize, who was born in the former Yugoslavia but moved to Germany with his family when he was 3 years old.


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