City Views Bonn – The Tower Carillon in the Bad Godesberg City Park

The carillon in Kurpark/Stadtpark Bad Godesberg was designed by the Dutch company Koniklijke Eijsbouts B.V. from Asten, the World’s largest bell foundry, on occasion of the Bundesgartenschau 1979 ( April 27- October 21). Originally, the steel tower carillon was placed in Rheinaue Park. It stayed in its original spot until Januari 1981, then it was moved to Stadtpark/Kurpark Bad Godesberg , where, today, it is located between Spa Park Pavilion and Kleines Theater. The carillon stands approx. 6,5 metres high and has 23 cast and tuned brazen bells (80% copper – 20% tin) which can be played from a a console. The bells are fixed to a metal frame, specially created by Van Dorp & Schmidt, local architects. They produce a harmonically related series of tones (c3,d3, rising chromatically till c5). While the bells themselves do not move, the clappers strike the inside lip of the bells to produce a sound. The clappers are connected by wires to the playing console which consists a double row of wooden keys (baton clavier). The heaviest bell weighs 37,6kg and the lightest one 5,4kg. The total weight of the bells is 291,1kg. The costs for the construction and installation of the carillon amounted to 39.900 gulden.

(First published on June 30, 2008 @ 8.16)


Ein Gedanke zu “City Views Bonn – The Tower Carillon in the Bad Godesberg City Park

  1. hello,

    thank you for putting nice photo about carillon.

    I would like to ask you how did you get contact to this carillon to take photo? I am carillon player who just moved in Dusseldorf and trying to get contact to the person in charge of this instrument, but i have never got an answer.
    It would be great if you could tell me the contact.

    Thank you!!!


    I put a film of me playing carillon on youtube,maybe it is fun.

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