Jazzenede 2010 – My Groovy Sisters – Rony Verbiest Kwartet

My Groovy Sisters had the difficult task to open the second Jazzenede festival day. My Groovy Sisters is a modern, 12-16 voice group, based in Ghent and directed by Ilse Duyck (singer/songwriter/composer). True to their motto „Let’s have some fun“, the charismatic singers, backed by pianist Luc Vermeir, put on a refreshing and much appreciated live show with vibrant and stimulating cabaret, gospel, jazz and pop songs.

My Groovy Sisters are: Ilse Duyck, Debora Van Durme, Elena Buyle, Sara Callebaut, Ellen Comhaire, Liesbet de Backer, Evelien De Jaeger, Lin Delcour, Sara Fiems, Kaatje  Hillewaere, Ineke Langaert, Celine Martens, Stephanie Muylle,  Nele Thienpont, Lieselot Vanroose and Karin Vlieg.

 Rony Verbiest is a popular Belgian accordion, bandoneon, harmonica and saxophone virtuoso with a compassion for jazz. Rony Verbiest learnt to play accordion at the age of six and studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. He played with various (big) bands and also worked with the very popular Flemish singer/songwriter Johan Verminnen. The musician from the neighbouring municipality Zelzate is a regular guest of Jazzenede. This year he was, together with Harry Happel (piano), Mary Hehuat (bass) and Luc Vandenbosche (drums), the highlight of the second day of the bi-anual blues, jazz and roots music festival. Rony Verbiest Kwartet celebrated music at its best this evening and overwhelmed the audience under the roof of the fully occupied „Duvel Droomschip“ chapiteau with dynamic and passionate music, from dreamy musettes to sensuous tango nuevo and powerful jazz.

Harry Happel

Soon more!


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