Musiker/Musicians – Bonn – Jazz Pool NRW „Les Cornes Sombres“

Bonn-Vive le Jazz Jazzpool NRW Daniel Casimir_MUS8476(1000x665)10072013TextBonn-Vive le Jazz Jazz Pool NRW_MUS8509(1000x665))10072013TextBonn-Vive le Jazz Jazz Pool NRW_MUS8515(1000x665)10072013Text

On occasion of the exposition „Amicalement – In aller Freundschaft – WSROD PRZYJACIOL“ with artists from France, Poland and Germany, organized by ArtDialog e.V., the music group Jazz Pool NRW was invited to play a concert at the Bonn Artist Forum (Künstlerforum) on Wednesday, July 10, 2013.  For this event the standard line-up of Jazz Pool NRW with Pablo Held (p), Gunnar Plumer (b), Wolfgang Schmidtke (sax, bass cl) and Peter Weiss (dr) was augmented with a woodwind section composed of three internationally renowned musicians namely Daniel Casimir (bass tb) and Sophie Bernardo (bsn) from France,  as well as the trumpeter Piotr Wojtasik from Poland. Besides playing their own usual repertoire the musicians of Jazz Pool NRW together with their guests presented also in a very sensitive and perfect way their by wind instruments dominated common jazz project, called „Les Cornes Sombres“.


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