Ein Kommentar zu “City Views Bonn – Villa Hammerschmidt – Bonn’s White House

  1. My sister-in-law just asked me in a letter why the residence in Bonn is called „Villa Hammerschmidt“ and I did not know. Even though I knew this I never was curious enought to find out. That is why I came to this website. I suppose now I have something to tell my sister-in law who is married to my only brother. They have no children, hence no more Hammerschmidts. The fact that there were so many different Hammerschmidts on this website made me somewhat curious about my ancestry. Maybe, if I find some time somewhere along the line I might get some more information. I do have a book of my father’s geneology. Maybe that would be something for me to find out. Mayby. Thank you for the information. Helga Lingo, Matriarch of a fair size wonderful LINGO family.

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